How to sell your virginity

Selling your virginity is very easy. Click register in the top corner of this site

Then read the information that is required.

To qualify to have your virginity auctioned off.

You must:

1. Be of legal age of consent in the country you live in or where the highest bidder lives.
2. Be 18 + Years of age.
3. Once you’ve decided you want to go ahead, contact us through the contact form below for us to consider your application.
4. Once we get back to you, make sure you are ready to reply with the following:

a) ID. proving your age.
b) a contact number including your international dialling codes.
c) Good quality images of yourself, clothed and in a bikini so that your full length body is visible from multiple angles.

d) If you are accepted after providing a,b, and c, a gynaecological report will eventually need to be produced from a registered private doctor to prove that you are indeed a virgin.

This will only be required if you are accepted based on the first three criteria.

Good luck!